EU Consultancy service

Complimentary to the BSO exchange programme operational within East Invest the Consultancy service for EaP BSOs allows experts from the EU East Alliance partner organisations to go on consultancy missions, and assist their EaP colleagues on site with the development of their organisations.
These missions will last from 1 to 4 weeks maximum, and are demand driven, i.e. the EaP BSO requesting help on a specific aspect of its organisation.

The facility is driven by the EaP beneficiaries: they submit applications to host an EU colleague from one of the EU East Alliance partner BSOs in their organisation.

Applications need to include the following elements:

  • Objective and motivation of the EaP BSO to host an EU colleague: what should be achieved through this mission?
  • Focus of the programme: specific topics, areas of training / learning
  • Desired duration: between 1 and 4 weeks and its justification
  • EU partner organisation: either identified already; if not, preferred country/region of partner, including justification of choice.
  • Indicative timetable: availability of the EaP BSO to host the visit
  • In case of prior contact and preliminary agreement received from the EU BSO to conduct the consultancy mission: details of the candidate-trainer (responsibility in his/her organisation, etc.)

In total, 20 places are available. Prior to applying, interested candidates are invited to read the application guidelines. A dedicated application form can be downloaded or requested directly from the East Invest team at EUROCHAMBRES.

All incoming applications foreseen to be reviewed in 4 rounds and the selection will be made based on:

  • the quality of the application
  • geographical balance: less obvious countries are encouraged to participate
  • complementarity with the other East Invest tools (specifically with the BSO exchange facility and/or the BSO twinning programme).


The consultancy service is open to partners and other business support organisations from the 6 EaP countries; they are the beneficiaries of the action. Applicant organisations that are not partners of the East Alliance will need to submit additional information about their organisation.

Applications can only be submitted using the application form, which should be sent to the East Invest
Project Management team. Candidates can in principle apply at any time throughout the duration of the East Invest project but by 15 October 2013 at the latest.

Review of applications is expected to be done at the following moments:

  • 15 December 2012
  • 15 March 2013
  • 15 February 2013
  • 15 May 2013
  • 15 October 2013 (additional evaluation round)

Applicants are notified about the selection results within max of 2 weeks following the evaluation round date.

Where required, EUROCHAMBRES assists in identifying the appropriate EU partner organisation and provides instructions for preparing the mission. After completion of the matching, the hosting EaP BSO
notifies EUROCHAMBRES about the contents of the programme (prepared jointly with the visiting EU BSO), its actual duration and the dates. Where necessary, EUROCHAMBRES interferes in the contents of the programme, to make sure it is focused on the needs of the beneficiary.

After the traineeship, the beneficiary EaP BSO is required to produce a specific report, outlining how the acquired knowledge will be applied in the organisation, including its sustainability effect.

This publication has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of EUROCHAMBRES and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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