East Invest aims to enhance the performance and capacity of business support organisations (BSOs) in the 6 Eastern Partnership countries.

The first step in the capacity building process is a detailed needs analysis of the concerned BSOs, which allows to assess their performance, strengths and weaknesses.

The East Invest 1 BSO audit was an institutional audit that gave separate performance indicators for nine topics as well as an overall performance measure.  It was conducted in a standardized form, as a guided interview.

The nine topics addressed during the interview were:

  • Board leadership: responsibilities and structure of the board
  • Quality management: tools of quality management, ICT use and certification
  • Strategy and planning: strategic planning tools, involvement of different stakeholders, use of indicators and organisational structure
  • Personnel: responsibilities, remuneration systems and qualification, performance levels
  • Communication/knowledge: Surveys, publications, website, advertisements, press work etc.
  • Clients and membership: client and member management,  percentage of coverage, approaches to attract members, membership satisfaction, and payment of membership fees
  • Interest representation: membership/participation in committees and other organisations, contacts/networking, PPP projects and impact of lobbying
  • Services: financial aspects, portion of total income, quality management of services and portfolio
  • Finance and accounting: general financial situation, financial management, reliance on donors

Each of these nine topics was sub-divided into a set of 10 to 15 questions, to which a score (0,1 or 2 points) was attributed. In addition to the quantitative indicator, the audit report gave a more detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of the BSO. The qualitative part of the report concluded with some areas that had potential for improvement. The recommendations  were based on experiences in other countries as well as considerations of the local context.

The audit results surved as the basis for the further BSO capacity building activities in the frame of East Invest 1, and more precisely the twinnings.

After an initial BSO mapping in the 6 Eastern Partnership countries, 15 BSOs were retained for the East Invest 1 Audit and went through the process in the month of March 2011.

East Invest 2 BSO Audit

East Invest 2 offers business support organisations (BSOs) and SME associations from the 6 Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries a unique possibility to assess their development and performance and to  compare and appreciate their performance vis-à-vis other organisations of the same nature in the country.

The self-analysis will also contribute to shaping the content of East Invest 2, as it will be possible for the project management team to design targeted actions in favour of the participating EaP BSOs/SME associations, based on the strengths and weaknesses identified, with the overarching objective of reinforcing the EaP BSOs/SME associations for them to become customer oriented sustainable service providers to their member companies.

The East Invest 2 BSO Audit covers the following 10 topics: 

  1. Leadership/Management
  2. Management Techniques
  3. Strategy and Planning
  4. Membership and Marketing
  5. Information and Know-How
  6. Personnel
  7. Lobbying / Advocacy
  8. Services
  9. Finance and Accounting
  10. Results and Processes

East Invest 2 Self-Audit Questionnaire

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