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Investment conferences

The concept of the investment conference is twofold. On the one hand, identifying European companies which may have an interest to invest in the EaP countries, take them there and organise meetings with potential local partner SMEs. On the other hand, these fora will be an opportunity to analyse the investment climate in the region, suggest measures to improve the attractiveness, role of the EU, etc. They will be an important occasion to develop a public/private dialogue in the framework of East Invest and to promote the East Alliance as a vehicle for the Eastern Partnership.

It is proposed to organise 6 Investor Fora, one in each country, with a target of 100 participating SMEs in each conference. The event will be organised similar to B2B meetings: both sides will identify companies which have an interest in the event: EaP companies looking for an investment partner and EU companies looking for an investment opportunity. The event may be scheduled back-to-back with existing important events in the country, provided visual identity for East Invest can be maintained.

Relevant public organisations – national and international - investment agencies, but also banks and venture capitalists will be invited to attend the forum, to engage in the policy debate and to offer relevant information to the participating companies.

The final output of the activity is to be a relevant debate around the investment climate and opportunities in the country, followed by pre-organised individual meetings between EU and EaP companies, to discuss the investment projects.

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