SME Training Seminars

Access to international markets offers new perspectives for SMEs in their strive to remain competitive and ensure their sustainability. Yet the SME community in the Eastern Partnership countries does not have sufficient capacity to explore market opportunities abroad, nor to attract foreign investors for their business.

Against this background, East Invest is to offer SMEs from the 6 Eastern Partnership countries the possibility to enhance their knowledge and capacities in terms of “EU acquis” and internationalisation, thanks to the organisation of a series of dedicated training seminars.

Two categories of SMEs will be targeted:

  • a “Starters” category: SMEs that have limited experience with EU standards and regulation and internationalisation
  • An “Advanced” category: SMEs that have a higher degree of knowledge and thanks to the training will be able to enhance and deepen their contacts with European companies

In each of the 6 countries, 4 seminars in total are to be organised:

  • 2 seminars on the EU acquis: a) starters and b) advanced level
  • 2 seminars on internationalisation: a) starters and b) advanced level

Selected companies will be offered the training as an integrated package, whereby they first attend the EU acquis seminar and then the internationalisation seminar in their respective category (either starters or advanced).

The training package on “EU acquis” is going to be in line with the priority sectors retained for the 6 countries and is to cover the following areas:

  • Technical standards and regulations
  • Free movement of services and goods
  • Competition policy
  • Customs
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Additional areas may be included depending on the priority sectors retained. Besides above-mentioned elements, the “advanced” training package is to include an “Acquis Audit” kit, which will allow SMEs to assess their level of compliance with EU standards and legislation.

The training package on “Internationalisation” is to cover the following areas (and is not limited to them):

  • Marketing strategies
  • Quality standards
  • Access to finance
  • Management skills

Besides the above-mentioned elements, the “advanced” courses will be complemented by sectoral information about market trends, an analysis of the potential for joint ventures…

After the training, and depending on the evaluation of their internationalisation potential, selected SMEs will be offered to take part in the next phase of the project (Trade Fair - Study Visits or Trade Fair – B2B).

The training is reserved to small and medium sized entreprises (SMEs) from the 6 Eastern Partnership countries.

The trainings are going to take place in the period September - November 2011 and the recruitment process for SMEs has been launched.

Interested companies are invited to read the SME information sheet prior to proceeding with their online registration.
The national focal points in the 6 EaP countries are also in the position to provide further information and assistance.

Deadline for online applications is 30 September 2011. Selected SMEs will be contacted soon afterwards with the practical details of participation, including training dates and venues.

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