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SME Roadshow Facility

In case of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, it is not only important for companies in the region to explore business opportunities in the EU, but also to promote the region with the European business community, showcasing the six countries’ investment and business potential on the European side and making the encounter with businesses from the region possible. Exploring and gaining experience on foreign markets is crucial for the successful development of EaP companies, particularly SMEs.

In order to promote the EaP region across the EU, a series of SME roadshows is to be organised in the frame of the East Invest project in different European countries. Around of dozens roadshows are to be implemented, with a possibility for increasing the number in case of high interest from business support organisation (BSOs) and SMEs from both sides.

The roadshow is the demand driven facility and its concept is simple:

  • An EaP partner of the East Alliance from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine gathers a group of companies (10+ SMEs) which wish (and are capable) to export to an EU country.
  • The EaP partner contacts an East Alliance partner from the EU country to check whether the EU partner is willing to engage in the activity.
  • If yes, both agree on the programme of the roadshow, taking into account the elements that need to be integrated (cfr terms of reference) and submit their proposal (cfr activity proposal) to EUROCHAMBRES.
  • Once EUROCHAMBRES approves the programme, the organisations can start implementing the activity.
  • After the event, both organisations report to EUROCHAMBRES in line with the East Invest reporting guidelines and templates that they will receive.

When developing the roadshow programme the applicants should plan to dedicate part of the activity to presenting its EaP country to national/regional and/or local businesses in the EU and the other part to individual B2B meetings between EaP SMEs and the EU SMEs. Encounters/exchanges with local/regional/national authorities of the EU country can also be envisaged.

The roadshow can take place independently in the EU country, or can be linked to a business event (like a trade fair for instance). In either case, the visibility of the roadshow is to be guaranteed.

Besides the typical B2B encounters, the roadshow facility can also contribute to other forms of exchanges between businesses, like study visits for entrepreneurs from the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU that will contribute to enhancing economic exchanges between them.

Interested applicants should review the activity terms of reference, complete the activity proposal and submit it for evaluation to the attention of Cirlig Vasile (Roadshow Manager) at EUROCHAMBRES:

For more information on previous Roadshows please see our dedicated newsletter.

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