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Trade Fair – Study Visits

Exploring and gaining experience on foreign markets is crucial for the successful development of companies, particularly SMEs.

East Invest offers selected SMEs from the Eastern Partnership countries with no or limited international experience the possibility to gain a first experience abroad by visiting European trade fairs. The objective of the visits is to allow them to better understand the relevant sector/market, what are the quality criteria, the latest trends in product design, but also observe marketing techniques, presentation of products, etc.

Prior to taking part in the trade fair visits, the selected SMEs will have gone through the training seminars organised in the frame of East Invest (SME Training Seminars), in order to get an insight into relevant “Acquis communautaire” and internationalisation subjects.

A total of 12 study visits, i.e. 2 for each of the 6 selected priority sectors are foreseen.

In a first step, the most appropriate trade fairs will be identified. This is not necessarily the largest/most important fair of the sector; it may be advisable to visit a medium sized fair, which has easier access, more flexibility to host the group, etc.

EUROCHAMBRES will use its European project partners network to identify relevant fairs, relying on the long standing relationships of the latter with all major trade fair organisers around Europe, thus ensuring a privileged access to these events.

SMEs which have been identified for the Study Visits will be able to register for their respective fair, with a maximum of 20 SMEs per group. For each fair an Eastern Partnership delegation will be constituted, gathering SMEs from all 6 countries, as well as two BSO executives from Eastern Partnership countries who will offer their support to the organisation of the visit and at the same time learn from the experience.

The visiting programme will vary according to the sector and the trade fair itself. The following elements are going to be included systematically:

  • A briefing of the group, the evening before the fair
  • A welcome event at the fair, organised with the participation of the fair organisers
  • A short seminar (1/2 day) with relevant speakers from the sector
  • A guided tour through the fair, in groups of 4/5 (1 day)
  • A debriefing: lessons learnt, opportunities for follow up

Each Study Visit will be organised by a European project partner, selected by EUROCHAMBRES and the Project Management Committee on the basis of its relevant expertise. Companies from the 6 Eastern Partnership countries interested in taking part in the project activities are invited to contact their respective national focal point for further information.

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