Civil Society Forum


The Prague Summit of 2009 endorsed the idea of establishing a forum which would promote contacts among Civil Society Organisations of Eastern Partnership countries and facilitate dialogue with public authorities. It is to facilitate the sharing of information and experience on the partner countries’ steps toward transition, reform and modernisation.


The EaP Civil Society Forum (CSF) is comprised of representatives from Civil Society Organisations from the Eastern partner countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.


Its role is to establish a public private dialogue and to promote the participation of the private sector in public decision making.

Working groups

The CSF comprises four working groups to follow the work of the four EaP thematic platforms, and to enrich their agenda:

  • WG 1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability
  • WG 2. Economic integration and convergence with EU policies. The WG 2 promotes regional economic integration and opening negotiations on the deep and comprehensive free trade areas between the EU and the Eastern partner countries.
  • WG 3. Environment, climate change and energy security
  • WG 4. Contacts between people

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