Belarus Sustainable Construction

Sector outlook

The undergoing liberalisation process and the involvement of private investment have boosted the Belarusian construction sector, which today accounts for 6.8% of the GDP (2011). In the residential sector for instance, the annual built-up area increased more than threefold between 1995 and 2010 and the demand is still high.

The majority of the country’s large-scale projects are implemented by foreign businesses. In 2011, 180 foreign projects were submitted for approval to the State Committee for Standardisation of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart). For 60% of the projects some modifications were required, and most of them were accepted and launched.

Strategic direction/ specific schemes and incentives

The housing sector, including housing construction, maintenance, financing and infrastructure development, is covered by the State Housing Policy, the National Housing Programme, the Housing Code of Belarus and the National Energy Savings Programme. Main orientations:

  • Development of the residential sector and improvement of housing conditions;
  • Development of commercial and retail space;
  • Introduction of energy saving technologies in buildings: a priority identified in a state programme;
  • Recent reforms: creation of a one-stop shop for property registration, simplified procedure to get construction permits (time required is now below the OECD average and better than in the UK, Australia, Czech Republic and Russia), no limitations for foreign designers and foreign subcontracting companies,
  • Guidelines for foreign investors developed by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction.

Business opportunities

  • Residential sector:according to the State Conception for Housing Policy, there are plans to build 4.2 mln sq metres in 2012; 6,5 mln sq metres in 2013; 8,5 mln sq metres in 2014; 9,5 mln sq metres in 2015. Foreign investors are welcomed to participate in tenders;
  • Commercial real estate: construction of modern retail sites;
  • Energy efficiency construction techniques: energy saving equipment, building envelope and heating system improvements, etc.;
  • Construction materials: export oriented production includes glass and glass products, AAC blocks and panels, prefabricated reinforced concrete, lime, plasterboard; cement and aggregate.

Some success stories

Henkel (Germany) is a diversified multinational company with three main business lines, one of which being adhesive technologies. It established an affiliate, Henkel Belarus, located in Zaslawye near Minsk, in 2004. The local production of Ceresit products commenced in 2006. The product portfolio features brands such as Ceresit.

Useful links and contacts

Gosstandart, a public agency responsible for compliance, quality and energy efficiency in the construction sector.

Ministry of Architecture and Construction

Belarusian CCI

National Agency of Investment and Privatization (NAIP)

Official website of Belarus


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