Belarus Transport and Logistics

Sector outlook

Belarus has an advantageous geographical position: it is at the crossroads of major pan-European transport corridors (West-East and North-South), namely:

  • Corridor II: connecting Berlin via Warsaw and Minsk with Moscow and Eastern regions of Russia
  • Corridor IXb: connecting Scandinavian and Baltic countries via St. Petersburg and Minsk with Kyiv, Chisinau and South European countries
  • Corridor IX: connecting Helsinski to Chisinau via St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev.

The Belarusian transport infrastructure (rail, road, water, and air) is good but the logistics industry is still under-developed. Several construction projects in logistics and warehouse real estate are therefore implemented by companies for their own needs.

Strategic direction/ specific schemes and incentives

  • Transport infrastructure is a state-owned sector, but a programme for the participation of the private sector is under preparation.
  • Transport services and Logistics are open to private participation
  • A State programme for the development of a logistical system in the Republic of Belarus until 2015 is being implemented. Main goals of the Program:
    • development of measures to improve logistical system;
    • creation of favourable conditions for investors in the logistical system and logistical and
      transport infrastructure;
    • 39 sites in various regions of Belarus are earmarked for construction of logistical centres, 32 sites of them are already under construction. Almost all new logistical centres are

Business opportunities

Establishment of transport facilities and services for:

  • Road transport: opportunities include the development of petrol stations, accommodations and other facilities with special benefits for investors under the State development programme, and the modernisation of road services such as speed control systems;
  • Inland water transport: several rivers and canals allow international transportation - with access to the Black Sea, including 10 ports with cargo processing and transportation. Additional equipments and enhanced services are to be developed.

Development of logistics services:

  • 39 logistics centres are to be created, mostly in the Minsk region, under the State development programme;
  • Main consumers of logistics and warehousing services include transport carriers, retailers, operators, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.

Some success stories

AOI Logistic Park was developed at Minsk Airport through a Belgian-Lithuanian joint-venture established in 2007. The project was carried out in the Free Economic Zone “MINSK” under a 99 year lease.

BLT Logistics (USA) opened the first modern logistics centres in Belarus in 2007. The hub, on the outskirts of Minsk, offers a full range of services including freight loading and unloading, storage, packing and labelling facilities. BLT now invests in a new hub, in Obchak, 8 km from Minsk’s main orbital road, which will increase its capacity four-fold.

TDMR Dis (Turkey) is in talks to establish a river terminal and a port station on the River Dnepr in Bragin District near Gomel, set to attract international cargoes and to expand capacities of freight transportation by water between Belarus and Ukraine.

Useful links and contacts

National Agency of Investment and Privatization (NAIP)

Official website of Belarus

Ministry of Trade

Ministry of Transports and Communication


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