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A group of Ukrainian companies, from Donetsk Region visited Seville, Spain, from 12 to 15 December 2016.

18 Dec 2016

A group of Ukrainian companies, from Donetsk Region visited Seville, Spain, from 12 to 15 December 2016.

The main objective of the visit was to enable the agro-food producers from Ukraine to improve their production technologies; explore potential partnerships and create a meaningful network with Spanish business community. Besides that, the participants learnt about requirements of the certification for agricultural products in Spain and in other European countries, which in turn will increase their export potential.

The roadshow included technical visits to Spanish companies with the focus on the following areas:

● Familiarization with the modern technologies used in greenhouses for the vegetable production;

● Irrigation & fertilization practices, water management, energy use and savings in Greenhouses

● Soil care and fertilizer applications;

● Effective natural protection against hazardous insects

● Efficient harvest & post-harvest practice;

● Soil improvement for better crops (for sandy and clay soils);

● Production of wheat and sunflower seeds crops

● Site visits to Spanish dairy factories and learning the technologies of cheese production

During the B2B meetings, the Spanish companies showed interest in the Ukrainian wheat, barley and sunflower oil and agreed to continue negotiation for importing these products in the EU.

The format of the roadshow was considered very efficient by the Ukrainian SMEs as it enabled them to establish business contacts, to investigate new technologies and to share ideas and experiences with their European peers.

Roadshow partners were Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Eastern Partnership side and Seville Chamber of Commerce on the European side.

We are pleased to present to you the Catalogue of participating Ukrainian SMEs and kindly invite you to share their profiles further with your member companies if you believe this might generate interest among them.

The Ukrainian SMEs gave us their feedback on the roadshow, please see the video.

The partners' websites offere additional information regarding the event The Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Seville Chamber of Commerce.

For seeing photos please click here.

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